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“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, Sincere effort, intelligent direction and Skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”
– William A. Foster

Welcome To
Shiv Parvati Group

Shiv Parvati infra PLC is a Mumbai based diversified real estate Company that is engaged in development and management of residential and commercial properties in Navi Mumbai. SPG employs a fundamental, Value-driven investment strategy and help our valued investors and clients buy and invest from a broad range of real estate, commercial and residential related projects and investments. Quality, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency and Community are our core business principles, fundamental to the culture and success of SPG.


We started our journey in the early 1990s when India was witnessing great economical reforms and expanding it arms to embrace the world. Since then India grew by leaps and bounds and today India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and I firmly believe that it will continue to grow consistently at the same pace. India consistently growing and dependable economy, arguably, makes it one of the world’s first and favorite investment destinations.

We at Shiv Parvati Infra not only believe in building mere apartments but also a life long bond with our valued Customers and Investors. We help and guide you to buy your dream home by consulting and guiding you to the most efficient and suitable path as per your needs. We also help you get the best returns on your investments by taking into consideration all the necessary factors. Trust, Quality, Transparency, Flexibility, Honest commitment, Reliability and Accountability has been our core values at SPG and our Greatest Assets that played a very important role in our success.

We will continue to work to offer high quality and our best services to all the existing and potential investors and home buyers with the true spirit we are known for, in order to continue to boost the company’s maximum performance.

AnandKumar H. Soni Founder & Chairman
Shiv Parvati Infra PLC.

Managing Director

Being On Such a Responsible Position, It Is My Core Duty To Evolve and Enhance Our Business Keeping In Mind The Trends of Real Estate Sector And The Contemporary Market Conditions. Keeping Our Values, Mission And Vision Into Consideration We Are Passionate, Inspiring, Highly Strategic And Dedicated, To Provide Our Business Huge Growth In Every Possible Way.

Tejasvi A. Soni Managing Director
Shiv Parvati Infra PLC.

Our Mission

We are Firm and Passionate to provide our esteemed patrons with various architectural wonders, meticulously detailed to match their comfort, expectations and budget, fulfilling not only their dreams but also empowering the community and the environment at large. We are further committed to give new dimensions to spacious living and urban designs uniquely tailored to their needs.

Our Vision

Committed to become an Eminent & Distinctive construction company and real estate brand pursuing excellence through Experience, Dedication, Smart, sustainable ways of work style by keeping in mind the larger interest of the society and the nation.

SPG Values

A creative institute is motivated by its desire to achieve not by its desire to beat others. Our customer’s trust in us is our top most desire and priority, that’s what drives our core business values.

  • TRUSTWORTHY, keeping up with the promises we make

  • QUALITY , not quantity in what we build.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY for the actions we take

  • RELIABILITY, as we are consistent with quality, on time and to budget.

  • CONSIDERATE, about our customers, employees, society and the environment.

  • FLEXIBILITY, giving more power to people connected to us.

  • Understanding the needs of our CLIENTS and INVESTORS.

  • TRANSPARENCY, in our communication and reporting.